AI Developments Which Will Shape Our Future

Despite all the unexpected events we’ve witnessed in 2020, artificial intelligence wasn’t much affected by the pandemic and everything that was happening as a consequence of it across the globe. On the contrary, this technology has been included in many discussions as a solution for numerous challenges and issues we are now facing not only as individuals and companies but as a society as a whole.

From vaccines and autonomous vehicles to language processing and quantum computing, artificial intelligence has progressed significantly and ensured its central position in the future.

Vaccine Development

Throughout the past, it took years and sometimes even decades to develop a new vaccine, However, just a few moments after the pandemic has taken over our everyday lives, vaccine candidates were undergoing human tests. This speed of vaccine development was also possible due to AI models that served researchers in analyzing vast amounts of coronavirus data. It was one of the most important ways AI helped against the pandemic.

Machine learning was able to sort through this enormous amount of data and predict which subcomponents are the most immunogenic ones. This was guiding researchers in designing targeted vaccines. More significantly, the success of AI technology in vaccine development surely will revolutionize the way vaccines are created from now on.

Fully Automated Driving

It’s not only in medicine where AI managed to provide outstanding findings and improve procedures. In 2020, we’ve seen autonomous driving technology continues with its development as the leading companies in the automotive industries continued testing driverless cars. In numerous cities, now it’s also possible to get a robotaxi service. Fully automated driving enables riding without a human driver is one of the necessities when it comes to scaling and commercialization of autonomous driving, so there’s no doubt there will be more breakthroughs in the near future. 

Applied Natural Language Processing

Last year, natural language systems have advanced significantly when talking about processing aspects of human language such as sentiment and intent. Other achievements involved generating language that is aligned with human speaking and writing patterns, and visual understanding. All of these natural language models are adding to more accurate search results and more valuable chatbots and virtual assistants. Overall, it’s expected that these natural language models will lead to better user experiences and create incredible value for companies. 

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was huge in 2020, and even if you weren’t across this area, it was almost impossible to miss all those great updates in this field. From its initial period, quantum computing had enormous potential to supercharge AI applications when compared to binary-based classical computers. It can be used to run a generative machine learning model via a large dataset, making the model significantly more accurate and useful. 

Other advanced technologies like deep learning algorithms are also vital for the development of quantum computing research. The company Baidu achieved several technical breakthroughs during the past years which are quite promising when it comes to bridging AI and quantum computing. 

AI Chips

In 2020, we also saw the launch of several artificial intelligence chips customized for specialized projects. As ordinary processors are able to support various AI tasks, these AI-specific processors are modified with specific systems that are optimizing performance for tasks such as deep learning. As we’re seeing more and more AI applications appearing, any potential increase in performance or reduction in costs has the opportunity to unlock additional value for businesses that operate a wide range of data centers for commercial cloud service, and easily facilitate the internal operations of the business. 

A Seat at The AI Table

If you’re interested in AI development and consultation services, there are plenty of companies which already established themselves as trustworthy partners in the AI community. Depending on what your business objective and industry is, you can find a way to implement AI into your business and improve your performance, reduce your costs, and even concur new markets.

And don’t worry if you don’t have the best knowledge about these technologies. With a good AI company, you will be able to translate your ideas into valuable technology for your business and your customers. Research the market, check a few portfolios, and start the interviewing process. Once you have found a partner for your AI project, they will guide you throughout it and provide you with all the knowledge you will need to turn it into a success story.

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