AI for Health – a year of innovations from grantees across the globe

Since last January, when we launched our AI for Health program, we’ve been dedicated to using AI and data science to help improve the health of people and communities worldwide. As we reflect on how the world has changed this past year due to the pandemic, we want to take a moment to shed light on the great work our grantee partners are doing to tackle some of the most difficult health challenges.

Our AI for Health program’s commitment is to empower grantees. To date, we have awarded over 180 grants in four areas of focus, which include accelerating medical research, increasing global health insights, addressing health equity and building research capabilities. Access to Microsoft’s technology such as Azure High Performance Computing, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, Return to School Power Platform solution and the SmartNoise differential privacy platform have accelerated the progress made in grantee research.

You can see some of our grantee projects below as well as on the AI for Health website:

BC Cancer is developing cancer imaging and treatment tools to improve detection and assessment of tumors in PET/CT images.

Business Data Evolution uses AI to identify retinopathy of prematurity, a disorder affecting premature infants which can lead to blindness. Through the Cascadia Data Alliance, new regional data collaborations are focused on immune checkpoint inhibitors, diagnosing ovarian cancer types and genomic sequencing on breast cancer biopsies.

The Flu Tracking Collaboration is a unique partnership across five organizations delivered new findings that track the prevalence of influenza-like illness based on online browsing data. Nationwide Children’s Hospital uses AI and Microsoft Kinect to examine infants to assist in the identification of developmental disorders. The Novartis Foundation developed an AI-enabled accelerator of leprosy detection and is now advancing AI-driven approaches to improve cardiovascular health and the health of populations in low-income settings. In partnership with the OpenDP Initiative, Microsoft

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