Blockchain Makes Ripple Leading Cryptocurrency Investment in India

Blockchain technology has become very important in many sectors. The cryptocurrency market has obviously been affected the most, since it was responsible for the inception of blockchain to begin with.

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be very viable investments for a lot of people. Around 100,000 people have over $1 million worth of bitcoin. A fair number of these people became millionaires because they invested in bitcoin to begin with. The blockchain infrastructure is highly responsible for this.

Although the heyday of bitcoin investing is over, there are a number of other great cryptocurrencies that people are investing in. Ripple is one of them. This is a very popular cryptocurrency that is gaining traction in India. It is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to gain popularity due to blockchain advances.

Blockchain Makes Ripple a Leading Cryptocurrency in India

The cryptocurrency XRP, a conversion vehicle for the Ripple platform, has gained great popularity in recent years, to the point that it has always been among the five most influential cryptocurrencies in the world ranking according to Coinmarketcap. It uses the same kind of blockchain infrastructure as bitcoin, which has made it easier to gain acceptance.

This popularity of Ripple (XRP) is no exception in India, today many Indians have shown interest in investing beyond bitcoin, with Ripple XRP being one of their favorite altcoins. They are discovering that blockchain has led to the popularity of a number of new cryptocurrencies other than just bitcoin and is having a huge impact on the global economy.

This is because it is undeniable that Ripple XRP usually has excellent performance for investment motivated by its use case, which is ideal for hundreds of financial companies around the world.

In essence, the Ripple platform is a real-time Exchange that relies on blockchain technology, through which, as a citizen or businessman, you can make conversions of any type of currency or assets for others in just 4 seconds on a global scale, for just a commission of 0.00001 XRP and with a capacity of 2000 transactions per second. All this is possible thanks to its vehicle currency which is XRP.

Indians nowadays are not only wondering how to buy bitcoin in India; they are also wondering how to buy Ripple in India?

Source: BitDegree.

The fact is that buying ripple is as easy as buying bitcoin in India, the most common places are listed below:

Cryptocurrency Brokers:

Investment venues for all types of digital asset investment: company stocks, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. The fluctuations (prices) of these markets are controlled by said Broker in favor of its community.

Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Ideal for those who want to make their own professional moves, such as buying bitcoin in India, Ripple XRP, among other cryptocurrencies, in exchange places that have a very similar parity with the fluctuations of the global crypto-market. Among other features, numerous cryptocurrencies and tokens to invest stand out, we are talking about hundreds of crypto-assets.

Decentralized Exchange:

It can cover the same functions and benefits of the different types of centralized exchanges, but with the difference that no company or public entity controls it, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, since you will be solely responsible for your commerce because in case of an eventuality (loss of money, among others) you will not have anyone to complain to.

In most of the cases mentioned above, you must have international accounts in strong fiat currency such as USD or EUR or make withdrawals and crypto deposits from external wallets, to be able to buy bitcoin in India and XRP, which will surely incur expenses for the transaction concept.

So, what is the best option to buy Ripple XRP in India?

That is why the most recommended option for the common citizen of India is the P2P Exchange modality since it allows you today to buy bitcoin in India, as well as Ripple XRP in exchange for the Indian Rupee INR.

An example of this type of exchange is Remitano, which not only allows you to trade with the option to buy bitcoin and XRP in India through P2P supply and demand trading, but also gives you the option of making a instant conversion from INR to bitcoin, or from bitcoin to INR, and within this conversion through Remitano you will have access to the bitcoin price INR, and 1 bitcoin price in India. The same goes for XRP, and in this way, in seconds you can invest in bitcoin in India, as well as in Ripple XRP, all this thanks to its integrated Remitano Fiat wallet.

Source: Remitano.

At this point, it is worth noting that Remitano is the only exchange in India that maintains its integrated fiat wallet service, the rest of the Exchanges have withdrawn this service due to the political situation of “legality” that India is currently going through.

Do not miss this opportunity, and use Remitano’s instant conversion service from bitcoin to INR, from INR to bitcoin, from XRP to INR, or from INR to XRP.

What should you do if the cryptocurrency “ban” goes into effect in India?

Relax, you have nothing to worry about how to buy cryptocurrency in India, whatever decision the Indian government makes, you will be able to continue investing in bitcoin in India, as well as XRP, among other cryptocurrencies, since to do so you only need:

  1. A decent internet connection.
  2. In case of digital censorship, download the VPN app that inspires you with the greatest credibility and trust.
  3. Use your computers and devices under security, through passwords and fingerprints, among other mechanisms that protect you and your private information.

This way, you can guarantee your investment in Ripple in India, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies of your choice and know they are backed by the blockchain network.

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