ByteDance Begins Selling The AI Tech Behind TikTok

ByteDance, the developer of TikTok, is starting to sell its AI technology for other companies. The China-based company quietly launched a new BytePlus division back in June, which focuses on selling TikTok’s artificial intelligence technology to businesses worldwide. Main features include computer vision, real-time video effects, translation of text and speech functions as well as tools for data analysis and management. BytePlus’s client list includes popular sites such as Goat, WeGo, Chilibeli, GamesApp etc.

TikTok is one of the trending ways to share short videos with friends. It’s entertaining, and it’s an easy way for you to show off your creativity! The app has a couple of clever features that let you find more content tailored just for YOU. First, TikTok takes into account what sort of posts (videos) on this network have caught your eye in the past so they can recommend new things—things their algorithms think will be right up your alley based on how much time we’ve spent together before now…. And second: They take advantage of everything else about who I am as well by looking at my likes/shares or comments on other people’s posts; whether or not there are hashtags included in those same.

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm has been the key to its success, and ByteDance is now looking to capitalize on that. TikTok’s algorithms have given it a competitive edge against other social media platforms because they are what make their content so engaging. BytePlus is now offering their customers the opportunity to access their highly advanced recommendation algorithm, personalize it for themselves and their apps, as well as use automated speech translation tools.



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