Can Data Analytics Help with Choosing Reliable Event Organizers?

Data analytics has become a very important element of success for modern businesses. Many business owners have discovered the wonders of using big data for a variety of common purposes, such as identifying ways to cut costs, improve their SEO strategies with data-driven methodologies and even optimize their human resources models.

However, there are some other benefits of using data analytics that don’t get quite as much attention. One of the benefits of data analytics that many people haven’t considered is the opportunity to find the right event organizers.

If you are running an event, then you have to make sure everything is properly coordinated and managed professionally. The right professional can make a big difference.

There are a lot of great reasons to leverage data analytics technology while looking for an event planning professional. The process is very similar to using big data for recruiting. This can make a big difference in the quality of your professional events.

Big Data is Driving Big Changes in the Process of Selecting Event Planners

Planning an event is time-consuming and even risky. For a sixth consecutive year, the event organizer profession is rated as one of the top five most stressful occupations. Apparently, it’s challenging to balance deadlines, physical demands, budget limitations, and unexpected conditions all at once.

However, there are a lot of people that are not up for the job. This is where data analytics technology can come in handy.

Businesses can use data analytics to look at databases of event planners and identify people that are most likely to do the job well. Keep reading to learn more about the growing importance of big data for choosing event professionals.

Use data analytics to determine who can do the job best

Regardless of whether you’re an artist, a venue manager, an agency, or an organization that wants to convey a message to the world, you need special craftsmanship to turn your event idea into reality. Selecting the right expert is crucial and, in this article, we will give you tips for finding the right partners by using data analytics technology, but first, let’s go back to the event itself and polish your strategy.

Define Your Objectives

You certainly want to accomplish something by throwing an event, right? What is the result you’re aiming for and what would be evidence for success? Write down every detail regarding your goals and you’ll be surprised how much additional information will magically appear on your notes.

You are going to want to consider using big data to help outline the priorities of your event. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when you are planning an event. You can use databases of event planners to see which professionals have best met these objectives for other clients in the past. However, you are going to need to make sure that you know what you want to get out of your event in the first place.

Data analytics can help with this as well. You can look at successful events and the ROI they brought in for the companies hosting them. Then you can create a regression analysis to see which variables made the biggest difference in making the event successful, such as the number of attendees, the theme of the event, the type of food offered and other variables. You will be able to see which approaches have been best for these event hosts in the past.

Next, determine your target audiences or simply who you are going to invite. After you know this, you can examine the overall desired effect in terms of reach – who will see or hear about the event in general? If you invest in publicity, this number will be high, while in case it’s a private occasion, no extra promotion will be needed. Once you’re familiar with your goals and guestlists, an appealing theme might also naturally pop up. Finally, sketch a sample program, add the toppings, and contemplate your budget.

Narrow Down Your Search

Now that you fully understand your event needs, it’s time to outline the exact event organizer who can deliver on your expectations. This is the part where data analytics is going to be most important. You are going to want to consult databases of known event planners in your area and compare your options carefully.

The ideal match will come with a solid background and knowledge of your niche. Whatever initiative you’re taking on, chances are, someone has already done something similar. This doesn’t mean you’re going to copy others but you’ll go to the right professional. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll likely want a wedding agent, not a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) operations specialist; if you’re a software start-up, an event organizer who has experience with tech B2B meetups will be the ultimate choice; if you’re a convention center manager, you’d probably prefer someone who knows how to run a conference. Whatever type of event organizer you are looking for. you are going to want to find a relevant database to help you identify the right candidate.

The more you filter your exploration, the more accurately your future event organizer can relate to your demands. A partner who has executed multiple events that are close to the profile of your event, will grasp what your expectations are and will be able to predict circumstances that are invisible to you such as regulations, capacity limitations, catering specifics, and others. They also will take care of the nitty-gritty stuff like event data analytics for example.

Find Your Wizard

As soon as you’ve completed your preparation and you know precisely who you’re looking for, it’s time to adjust your schedule. 

Check all local or international (depending on the scope of your event) event professionals’ associations, or, alternatively, associations in the field you’re in. Open time for them, consider a few trade shows, and show up. These are priceless networking opportunities – you’re not only going to find the partners you need but you can advertise your event for free. Not to mention all the worthy ideas that you can collect while interacting with people from the industry.

Another technique you can use is when attending an event that you like, is to ask for the event organizer’s contacts.

Harness Big Data Technology

There’s nothing better than using technology to find the right experts. Seriously, there used to be light and sound in the past, now it’s all technology. According to Datareportal research, the average Internet user spends around seven hours daily online. That’s a lot of time to pick up on event organizers! The event startup Evedo reached the same realization and created a blockchain platform where all sides of the event execution process can collaborate freely.

A hub like Evedo Marketplace makes a difference for a number of reasons. Above all, it’s a network where you can meet your dream event organizer just by browsing. Furthermore, it’s also a marketplace where the two of you can go on and make an arrangement. Because Evedo is a blockchain company, all the users who connect and decide to work together through the platform will create a smart contract. This means the whole process is transparent, secure, and eliminates the interference of banks, lawyers, or accountants.

Lastly, don’t forget for the social media shortcut – be active on LinkedIn and Facebook groups, approach event planners directly and discuss your strategy with them.

By all means, selecting an event manager online will speed up your venture. Moreover, the risk of making a bad judgment is low because in this type of ecosystem you will rely on realistic users’ peer reputation. That’s why it’s important to contribute by leaving reviews, comments, or recommendations whenever you have impressions from another user.

At Evedo Marketplace, you can do more than just find an organizer – you can hire staff for your event, rent equipment, direct inquiries, highlight issues, and negotiate. In fact, the extensive options of the platform make it possible to navigate your own event and easily be the organizer yourself!

Big Data is Critical for Choosing the Right Event Organizer

You are going to need to find the right event organizer, which is going to be a lot easier if you leverage big data technology. In conclusion, don’t be intimidated by executing an event – just crystalize what you want to achieve and use all the advantages that you have at your disposal. Once you join a healthy and productive ecosystem, the pieces start falling into place.

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