Data-Driven Custom Web Development is Invaluable to Many Businesses

Big data has become highly important for many companies that are trying to maintain a strong competitive edge, which explains why companies are expected to spend over $116 billion on it by 2027. There are many brilliant ways that companies can leverage big data to improve their bottom line.

We mentioned the benefits of using big data to better manage financial and HR policies. However, there are also a number of great benefits of using big data in marketing as well.

One of the most important benefits of using big data is with web development. You can work with a company that understands the nuances of data-driven web design in order to create a custom website for your business.

Big Data Plays a Pivotal Role in the Future of Web Development

DataFloq pointed out some of the benefits of using data analytics in web design. We intend to go into some additional detail, but it is important to first appreciate the merits of web development in general.

The internet is a fiercely competitive marketplace. To stand out from the crowd, your company needs an aesthetically pleasing, responsive and optimized website. You can’t meet this expectation without taking a data-driven approach to the design process.

Paying for a templated solution may seem to be a cheap shortcut. In reality, you risk wasting money on a site that will not benefit your business. You won’t have the benefit of using customer data to make informed decisions to boost the user experience. You also won’t be able to integrate your site with data analytics tools that can help you better assess the engagement metrics of your visitors.

Almost 40% of users abandon a website if it does not attract them visually. Approximately the same percentage of your visitors will stop engaging if the pages load too slowly. These problems are serious, and they can have dramatic consequences for conversions. Poor functionality and appearance of the website can hurt your bottom line.

Therefore, you have to use big data to come up with the best possible design. The good news is that there are a lot of great companies that use data-driven web design approaches to meet the needs of their clients.

Benefits of Data-Driven Custom Web Development

Do not waste your money on templates. Professionals in the custom web development field build unique websites with a flawless user experience. The best professionals will use big data tools to streamline the design process to save you money and create a great design that your customers will love.

Here are five important arguments in favor of the tailored approach that involves data-driven design methodologies.

1. Boosting Your Brand

Every company needs a unique brand that reflects its personality. The logo, color palette, even company name, and the mission statement are all parts of the brand image. Custom design services allow you to showcase your strengths through the design and style of the website.

Consumers are bombarded with choices 24/7. If your site looks like someone else’s, your company may be confused with competitors. You want all potential customers to immediately understand that you stand out from the crowd. The custom design will allow you to achieve this, as every page of your site will represent your brand. 

The perfect combination of well-written content and high-quality images will create a compelling and memorable impression. Customers who have seen your logo in a flyer or elsewhere will instantly make the connection with the site. Branding is vital for improving recognition.

This is going to be a lot easier if you use big data. Your design professional will be able to access all available information about your brand and find an innovative way to seamlessly incorporate it into your design.

Set up a meeting with your designers to discuss your brand message. Do you want to convey an image of a fun and friendly company, a trusted provider for business professionals, or something else? The message will determine the colors, graphics, layout, and navigation on the site. Your custom website development company will integrate your brand throughout the site and give you full control. With a template, this is impossible, so you will miss the mark on your branding.

Once you have hashed out your initial requirements, you should ask the design professional what steps they take to incorporate data technology into the design process. You want to work with a web design company that understands the merits of big data and how to use it.

2. Higher Search Ranking

As we have previously mentioned, big data is incredibly important to SEO. You want to know that you can take a data-driven approach to optimizing your website to improve your search engine rankings.

Search engines like Google provide over 50% of website traffic. The growing importance of organic search makes high-quality SEO (search engine optimization) absolutely crucial. It helps companies get to the top positions in search results, so when customers look for particular products or services, they see their websites.

Organic search boosts revenue through conversions, and custom web development includes optimization for particular keywords. By targeting the words and phrases bringing the most search traffic, you make your company more prominent in the results. This means that it is noticed by consumers who are already interested in your products or services.

Keyword optimization must be complemented by persuasive content and compelling call-to-action language. Websites that include videos, photos, or infographics achieve better results with their SEO. By optimizing these engaging elements for the target keywords, you boost your ranking. To sum up, custom web development predicated on the use of big data technology helps you to outpace the competitors by rising above them in organic search.

3. Improved for Your Users

The majority of consumers use their mobile devices to browse the internet in search of products or services. If your website does not look good on smaller screens, you will lose your potential customers. Your visitors should be able to read your text and navigate smoothly.

Google considers the mobile version of your site when ranking it. Effective optimization will help you outperform rivals. It will also provide a pleasant user experience, which will encourage visitors to stay, explore and buy from you. This involves different features:

  • page speed;
  • navigation;
  • mobile optimization;
  • readability.

The UX is king. The most prominent Innovations in web development are now focused on improving the quality of user experience. Your customers expect smooth navigation, rich graphics, and quick loading on any screen. A custom web development provider will focus on your buyer persona to design a website that will appeal to the target audience.

4. Enhanced Security

Today, data security is a major concern both online and offline. Every page where personal data is entered must have “HTTPS” in its URL. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, Google will warn all visitors that it may be unsafe. The certificate is also important for SEO, as safe websites get more exposure.

Data-driven cybersecurity is an integral element of custom web development. A trustworthy provider will guarantee that your users say users are protected. If you outsource website creation, you can also outsource security. In case of a breach, you will be able to leverage your provider’s expertise and experience to solve the problem.

5. Supporting Your Growth 

Templates are less flexible than custom sites. Making changes to them is more difficult, which hinders growth. Your company should be able to update the catalog, post its news, upload fresh photos, and make other modifications quickly. Otherwise, your target audience will see inaccurate or outdated content.

A custom website that was predicated on a data analytics design is scalable. Aside from helping your business grow, it will also grow with it. Changes can be made whenever you want. As your clientele expands, more people will start using the website, so staying up to date is essential. Otherwise, you risk falling behind the industry trends and losing customers to competitors. 

Data-Driven Custom Web Design is Highly Important for Modern Branding

These are only some benefits of custom web development that relies on big data. The online marketplace is extremely competitive, and templates fail to help companies stand out. If you want to outshine your competition, invest in a responsive, easily scalable, and aesthetically flawless site that will express the personality of your brand. It will help customers instantly recognize the benefits of your products or services.

Forget cookie-cutter designs. Not only will your custom website look fresh, but it will also function like clockwork. The services of a trusted web development provider will help you boost your brand and revenue.

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