Deciphering the Pros & Cons of Real-Time Data Streaming

In a rapidly digitizing world, data is a crucial thing to both individuals and organizations. One of the recent developments in digital technology is streaming data in real-time. Data streaming is all about processing and analyzing data that keeps on flowing from a particular source to a destination in almost real-time. No matter the size and scale, a business can now reap irrefutable benefits because of the real-time data streaming option.

Data Streaming Functioning Procedure

A company can boast hundreds or thousands of sources of data. It is essential to process sensitive data only after acquiring a thorough knowledge of a stream processing architecture. It is a framework of multiple software components. The data architecture assimilates and processes sizable volumes of streaming data from different data sources.

This very architecture ingests data right away while it is getting generated. It may consist of several components for different purposes, such as software for real-time processing, data manipulation and real-time data analytics. The stream processing evaluates streaming cross-device information in almost real-time.

Processing of pieces of data in real-time is possible because of the streaming data option. Streaming video media and real-time evaluation are the two most typical use cases for real-time data streaming. A company doesn’t encounter any difficulties in monitoring every major and minor aspect of its business because the data stream facilitates it to process data in real or near real-time.

A company’s management can react and take requisite actions prior to a crisis because of the real-time aspect of monitoring. Data streams have been playing an instrumental role in offering a constant communication channel between an organization’s moving parts and decision-makers.

Advantages of Real-Time Data Streaming

In this era, business organizations that know the importance of responding to real-time data streaming can gain an edge over potential competitors. It becomes easier for a company to develop a sound understanding of its target customers’ requirements instantly.

Currently, nothing is more crucial for an organization than continuously obtaining insight into data pertaining to its services, products, users and resources. Read the following to learn about the three main benefits of streaming data in real-time.

Helps a Company Gain Instant Insight

A company can analyze data while streaming it in real-time. It is profitable for your business when you get the opportunity to evaluate data streaming and old data at a remarkably high velocity and volume. You won’t have to struggle much to understand a customer’s interests and potential crisis when you analyze real-time data.

Responding immediately in an effective manner to eliminate risks is possible for a company when it performs real-time data analytics. Data streaming in real-time enables an organization to act in the moment, which eventually enables it to prosper. Do what’s the need of the hour to meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Make Informed-Decision Faster

It is indispensable for a business enterprise to make sound decisions faster to gain a competitive advantage. When you have real-time information that highlights errors your company makes, it becomes easier to right away prevent the same mistakes from occurring again. You can make better and faster decisions if you keep streaming data in real-time.

Boost Business Operation Agility

Business agility doesn’t only mean making informed decisions. It consists of calculated and well-strategized business objectives. You should keep conducting real-time data streaming analytics to improve the agility of your business operation. Try focusing on using up to date information to enable your company’s day to day operation to become more agile.

Address Operational Problems Quickly

Ensure that you have access to real-time information to detect and address business operational problems effectively and quickly. Most companies use data from video feeds and IoT sensors to continuously track business manufacturing lines for backlogs and stoppages. You will identify and resolve several issues if you continually stream and analyze data in real-time.

Provide Improved Customer Services

A company can drive more returns on investments successfully by improving the standard of services that it provides to its customers. Hence, most business organizations, regardless of the sector, invest in real-time data analytics software nowadays. Gaining insights into your customers’ data and needs can help your company ensure better services.

Enhance the Customer Experience

It is now super easy for an online business to become well aware of a customer’s behavior, likes and dislikes because of the real-time data. To drive more target customers to your online store, keep them engaged and compel them to buy from you, you need to improve their shopping experience. Real-time information can help you create a tailor-made customer experience.

Drawbacks of Real-Time Data Streaming Analytics

There is no denying that data streaming analytics in real-time benefits business organizations significantly. However, it comes with certain drawbacks. There’s a lack of special planning for storing real-time data in the cloud.

It is also essential for a business organization to consider its strategy to archive data carefully and securely. Many companies do the same to review or audit data for compliance purposes. A business organization sometimes requires dealing with real-time data processing issues, late-arriving information and system outages.

A data stream encounters the difficulty of arranging its data in order and delivering it to its customers. The CAP, which stands for Consistency, Availability and Partition Tolerance theorem issue, is something that data streams directly face.


Despite a few pitfalls, streaming data in real-time helps business enterprises reap a host of benefits. It’s high time to stream and analyze real-time information to stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business successfully.

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