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Lack of technology or Healthcare Automation solutions has been creating havoc in the healthcare industry. According to Health Affairs, 44,000 deaths are caused in the U.S. each year due to clinical errors. While every 6 out of 10 deaths are caused due to the lack of technological facilities. Which sums up to 5 million deaths yearly. While many medical centers fail to incur the cost of these technologies, some lack internal resources to develop them. And this leads to many problems like improper patient information management, hospital management, administration, and much more.

Hence, about 90% of the healthcare industry has outsourced its healthcare management processes. Since not only it saves time but also energy and resources while deriving the best solution. So, if you too are looking for healthcare outsourcing solutions that can provide you with top results and better patient care and information management, then you have come to the right place. Since we have showcased some of the best hospital management solutions which can be beneficial for your firm.

But before that let’s take a look at the concept and the current challenges the healthcare industry is facing without proper technology.

What is Healthcare Administration?

In simple words, it is the management of all the business functions that undergo in a medical facility. And while medical facilities are becoming a demand every day, medical administrators are in much demand too. Not only so, but people seeking careers in the medical administration line may also expect job growth of 18% between 2018-2028, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But what is the role of such an administrator? Well, we have sorted that out too in the following section!

What does a Healthcare Administrator do?

With many of the complexities rising with the demand for better facilities, administrators need to manage and oversee a lot of procedures in a medical center. Some of which include:

  • Ensure proper documentation of patients
  • Supervising sterilization of surgical equipment
  • Inventory management
  • Authorization of admittance and treatment protocols
  • Budgeting expense and finance management
  • Human Resource Management (from recruiting to handling medical staffs’ complaints)
  • Developing performance reports
  • Ensuring implementation of proper policy and rules that make the center law compliant
  • Acts as a communication medium for all parties

What challenges are Medical Administrators facing?

With medical centers evolving in both size and complexity, healthcare administrators need to handle a lot of procedures to ensure proper treatment delivery. Moreover, they also need to keep an open eye on the advancing technology while ensuring that they remain in the good eye of the law. Administrators have the habit of dealing with all of these from the past. But some of the recent challenges which have become mind-boggling for them include:

  • Guaranteeing effective and quality treatment
  • Recruiting top nurses and medical staff
  • Managing rising medical costs
  • Keeping up with changing medical terminologies and practices
  • Degrading medical staff performance
  • Patient information management and hospital information management and much more

How to overcome these Healthcare Administration challenges?

With all the above challenges, the need for technology becomes evident. Hence, the medical industry is implementing healthcare IT outsourcing to overcome the above issues.

Top Healthcare Outsourcing Solutions to Automate and Digitize Administrative Procedures

Nurse Recruitment App

With the rise of COVID-19, the requirement for qualified nurses has increased evidently. However, healthcare centers faced this issue before the pandemic. And it’s said that the shortage of qualified nurses will grow in the upcoming years. The American Nurses Association says that by 2022, another 1.1 million registered nurses will be required. Not to mention the fact that 50,000 will already retire during the said time.

However, with the help of a nurse recruitment app, this process becomes much simpler. This solution streamlines the nurse recruitment procedure. Sourcing various and experienced candidates, the app enables you to focus more on interviewing, collaboration with the hiring team, and selecting the apt candidates. Hence, at the end of the day, your healthcare centre gets permanent and specialized agency nurses! Let’s take a look at some of the features of the nurse’s recruitment app.

HealthCare AI Apps

Artificial Intelligence provides a platform to rectify the loopholes in the Healthcare sector. Reshaping of the healthcare sector has made it more consistent. Machine learning in healthcare enables pattern recognition. This in turn supports Healthcare automation for AI health.

Healthcare AI apps are one-stop for numerous tasks. Automate every workflow in your healthcare industry. Healthcare automation is trustworthy for overcoming workflow inefficiencies. Expand the capacity of your healthcare team with medical AI to accomplish more with limited resources.

Provide a smoother patient encounter be it at the front desk or back office with artificial intelligence in healthcare. Thereby, focus on the ultimate goal of extending exceptional care. Offer unbiased personalized healthcare services with AI for Health.

Healthcare Bill Payment System

You know that Healthcare is complicated. But what is more complicated is their billing procedure. And it’s not just only for patients but administrative staff also face a lot of complications during hospital finance management.

EHR Integration

With each patient a healthcare facility treats, a new set of data evolves. And managing all this data becomes quite difficult. What’s more difficult is the accessibility of the right data at the right time. Getting quick access to accurate and updated patient information while making sure that there are no chances of a data breach is something that healthcare centres face every day.

ACO (Accountable Care Organization) Solutions 

Stress and our difficult lifestyle have led to a large number of health issues. And due to this patient have been struggling to keep up with different providers and healthcare facilities. But while keeping up with them, patients often face hikes in medical costs, mingling up different treatments, experiencing side effects when two medications conflict with one another, and much more.

Hence, the Affordable Care Act brought the concept of Accountable Care Organizations or the ACO into the scenario. Here multiple doctors come together to keep their patients healthy. And while providing the right primary care, ACO keeps in mind to provide primary care solutions at reasonable rates.


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