How do you make perfect Cheetos? Use AI.

What do Cheetos have in common with plumbing pipes, pharmaceuticals, and windshield wiper blades? They are extruded. And if you extrude things, you know quality control is a big deal. In this episode, Corey Sanders is joined by Kevin McCall, who shares how PepsiCo is using Microsoft Project Bonsai, a low-code AI development toolkit, to make perfect Cheetos.

[00:00] Intro
[01:05] What is Project Bonsai
[01:36] Who the AI toolkit is for and the problems it solves for industry
[02:31] Why PepsiCo turned to AI to make perfect Cheetos
[03:41] How we approach the problem – an AI toolkit non-AI experts can use
[05:46] Project Bonsai demo – You don’t have to know Reinforcement Learning to deploy an AI agent

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