Key Factors in Choosing Data-Driven Digital Signage Solutions

As we have stated before, big data is becoming vital to modern marketing strategies. We have mentioned that it has been instrumental in virtually all digital marketing strategies in recent years, such as PPC advertising.

However, it is becoming abundantly clear that big data technology is also rapidly transforming many traditional marketing practices as well. There are a lot of companies that are looking for ways to use data analytics to improve their performance with everything from event marketing to direct mail outreach.

One of the most remarkable benefits of big data technology has been with using digital signage to promote branding. Big data has not only helped with the design of these digital signs, but it has also helped enhance the visual outputs that they provide.

Companies that want to use a data-driven digital signage strategy need to be aware of the benefits that it provides. They must also be informed about the nuances of the features available to them.

Doing Research Before Investing in Data-Driven Digital Signage Solutions

Traditional advertising, like print media, is no longer as effective for businesses as it used to be. Technological advances influence many of our decisions today. Consumer behavior has changed. Today, consumers’ attention must be engaged through innovative and adaptive content. Forward-thinking businesses have turned to digital signage to meet their audiences’ needs.

Digital signage helps organizations communicate with customers more effectively. We talked about this back in 2016 and this trend has only accelerated since. Furthermore, digital signage presents organizations with new opportunities and tackles many of the issues associated with traditional signage.

Before you invest in a digital signage solution, here are the factors to consider so that your money doesn’t go to waste.


Your digital signage’s location will determine whether your prospects and clients see your content. 

No matter how catchy your ads are, your investment may not yield if you put signage in areas without a demand for your products or services. Oftentimes, you may require unique content to be targeted towards unique locations.

Before working with a digital signage company, use market research to know your target audience and understand if the CMS offers localization features. This will ensure you place screens in the right locations and target audience groups with highly targeted and effective content. 

This is one of the ways that big data can be very useful. We have emphasized the importance of using data analytics in marketing research in the past. This is just as important with strategies that use digital signs as it is with other forms of marketing.


Sometimes, a particular solution may appear to be perfect for your brand. But if you have to break the bank for it, ensure that your ROI is worth it. You will have to decide if a perpetual or Subscription-based model is better suited to your organization’s needs. 

Perpetual licenses may appear more cost-effective; however, they offer limited feature sets and do not update the software on a regular basis. Subscription-based models are more expensive on the surface; however, they offer customers with a highly reliable product that is updated on a regular basis. 

Create a budget and consider total cost of ownership and your digital signage goals for the present and future. 


While we fall for the glam of digital signages with high-resolution screens, we can neglect usability. A central control panel will allow one, or multiple users to manage all screens in your digital signage network with ease.

Your digital signage solution should also come with templates that are easy to update and powerful device management features. Templates and device management features allow your organization to maintain brand compliance while quickly updating screens.

So, when considering digital signage solutions, look for devices that are easy to use and navigate.

The sophistication of the data technology behind the digital sign will play a huge role in its usability. You need to research the features in depth and learn about the big data infrastructure behind the tool.

System provider

The competition for digital signage is fierce, and these manufacturers need to stay relevant. However, getting a suitable system provider can be complicated.

A digital signage company should form relationships with channel partners to help customers easily install devices. The digital signage company should then offer a system that is personalized to your business and its needs. These companies should have screens with a content management system that allows you to control and show the same content on several digital signage screens. 

The core values of an exemplary system provider are reliability, control management, and speed. If you are looking for digital signage, contact top providers like Telemetry TV to get solutions that fit your budget.


A good digital signage solution should connect to your brand’s server and share helpful information when it’s supposed to. Even if the device goes offline. 

For example, if you run a supermarket or a chain of stores, your signage should get information from your inventory and let your customers know when you’ve run out of a particular product. If the device ever goes offline due to connectivity issues, content should still play.

Additionally, a signage solution should come with a digital media player and a content management system. This system will ensure that your staff can control the data on your screens remotely. TelemetryTV offers their own operating system, TelemetryOS, which limits bugs and improves reliability. 

How to communicate the message

Choosing a digital signage solution also requires some introspection as the system providers and technology can only do so much to help your business. You will not reach your business goals with a weak content strategy, even if you have the latest screens from the best providers.

First, you should know your target audience and determine the tone to address them. Then find out what kind of content your audience likes to see. Is it video, text, or a combination?

Once you know your customers’ preferred content, get a skilled creator to breathe life into the message you display on your digital signage screens. You should look for digital signage software vendors that offer tools and integrations to simple content creation. Some digital signage providers offer a canva integration – a great tool for templates and creating beautiful content using drag and drop functionality.

This is another area where big data technology is very important. You need to use insights from data analytics tools to better understand your customers so you can deliver the right message.  

Big Data Has Been Key to the Success of Digital Signage Solutions

A digital signage solution is an excellent addition to your business as it can help with your advertising, brand perception, and boosting engagement. But some of the flagship solutions come with features that you will never need. Big data is very important in enhancing the solutions that are available with these tools.

So before queueing — cash in hand — for your digital signage screens, understand your needs and how digital signages can solve them. Go through the aspects of a digital signage solution that matter and decide what works for your business.

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