Model Ensembles Are Faster Than You Think

Posted by Xiaofang Wang, Intern and Yair Alon (prev. Movshovitz-Attias), Software Engineer, Google Research

When building a deep model for a new machine learning application, researchers often begin with existing network architectures, such as ResNets or EfficientNets. If the initial model’s accuracy isn’t high enough, a larger model may be a tempting alternative, but may not actually be the best solution for the task at hand. Instead, better performance potentially could be achieved by designing a new model that is optimized for the task. However, such efforts can be challenging and usually require considerable resources.

In “Wisdom of Committees: An Overlooked Approach to Faster and More Accurate Models”, we discuss model ensembles and a subset called model cascades, both of which are simple approaches that construct new models by collecting existing models and combining their outputs. We demonstrate that ensembles of even a small number of models that are easily constructed can match or exceed the accuracy of state-of-the-art models while being considerably more efficient.

What Are Model Ensembles and Cascades?
Ensembles and cascades are related approaches that leverage the advantages of multiple models to achieve a better solution. Ensembles execute multiple models in parallel and then combine their outputs to make the final prediction. Cascades are a subset of ensembles, but execute the collected models sequentially, and merge the solutions once the prediction has a high enough confidence. For simple inputs, cascades use less computation, but for more complex inputs, may end up calling on a greater number of models, resulting in higher computation costs.

Overview of ensembles and cascades. While this example shows 2-model combinations for both ensembles and cascades, any number of models can potentially be used.

Compared to a single model, ensembles can provide improved accuracy if there is variety in the collected models’ predictions. For example, the majority of images in ImageNet are easy

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