Music Conditioned 3D Dance Generation with AIST++

Posted by Shan Yang, Software Engineer and Angjoo Kanazawa, Research Scientist, Google Research

Dancing is a universal language found in nearly all cultures, and is an outlet many people use to express themselves on contemporary media platforms today. The ability to dance by composing movement patterns that align to music beats is a fundamental aspect of human behavior. However, dancing is a form of art that requires practice. In fact, professional training is often required to equip a dancer with a rich repertoire of dance motions needed to create expressive choreography. While this process is difficult for people, it is even more challenging for a machine learning (ML) model, because the task requires the ability to generate a continuous motion with high kinematic complexity, while capturing the non-linear relationship between the movements and the accompanying music.

In “AI Choreographer: Music-Conditioned 3D Dance Generation with AIST++”, presented at ICCV 2021, we propose a full-attention cross-modal Transformer (FACT) model can mimic and understand dance motions, and can even enhance a person’s ability to choreograph dance. Together with the model, we released a large-scale, multi-modal 3D dance motion dataset, AIST++, which contains 5.2 hours of 3D dance motion in 1408 sequences, covering 10 dance genres, each including multi-view videos with known camera poses. Through extensive user studies on AIST++, we find that the FACT model outperforms recent state-of-the-art methods, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We present a novel full-attention cross-modal transformer (FACT) network that can generate realistic 3D dance motion (right) conditioned on music and a new 3D dance dataset, AIST++ (left).

We generate the proposed 3D motion dataset from the existing AIST Dance Database — a collection of videos of dance with musical accompaniment, but without any 3D information. AIST contains 10 dance genres: Old School (Break, Pop, Lock and Waack) and New School (Middle Hip-Hop, LA-style Hip-Hop, House, Krump, Street Jazz and Ballet Jazz).

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