Qualcomm Unveils ‘Flight RB5 5G Platform’, The World’s First 5G- And AI-Enabled Drone Platform

Qualcomm is launching the world’s first 5G artificial intelligence drone platform to help drones meet the needs of enterprises and industries for developing new applications. The Flight RB5 5G Platform uses Qualcomm’s latest QRB5165 processor as a basis, providing high-performance, low power for it to be used by commercial enterprise and industrial drones that can use edge computing or machine application. Qualcomm Flight is now ready to transform industries with premium computing, camera, computer vision, and connectivity features.

The unmanned helicopter for Mars, Ingenuity, made its first successful flight early this year. The mission was an effort of NASA to create the world’s first power-controllable vehicle on another planet. Qualcomm was responsible for testing this unmanned helicopter called Ingenuity with a successful test run in April 2019 on our neighbouring planet. Qualcomm believes that drones are an important tool to explore space because they open up opportunities across all sectors of society by combining them with 5G connectivity via long-distance WiFi and artificial intelligence.

To meet the unprecedented need for low-power computing and camera systems in small unmanned aircraft, Qualcomm has unveiled their Flight RB5 5G Platform. The heterogeneous platform combines AI capabilities with long-range connectivity such as WiFi 6 and 5G networks that will provide unparalleled power of 15 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second) along with advanced imaging abilities.

The RB5 5G is capable of Flying with a visibility distance of up to 8 km. It has 1 GPU and 1 neural processing engine, along with 8 QRB5165 central processing units and 4K camera lenses that can capture high-quality pictures in low light conditions. The Flight platform also features WiFi 6 connectivity for long-range communication, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on your next adventure.

The Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G platform can support 7 cameras in parallel to capture multiple lens images at the same time. The advanced 4K or 8K drone camera can provide electronic image stabilizer, horizontal function and digital zoom, and other functions that make it perfect for filming high-quality images. With autonomous features such as path planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities, this flying machine can smoothly navigate through any environment with ease.

The future of flight is coming to light as new technologies pave the way for a more streamlined, efficient process. With 5G and AI paving the way forward in technology, we can see how this can help with many different areas such as package delivery and disaster relief efforts etc.

Source: https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2021/08/17/qualcomm-flight-rb5-5g-platform-worlds-first-5g-and-ai-enabled-drone-platform

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