Spotify Musicians Turn to Data Analytics to Boost their Careers

Data analytics is becoming a crucial element of many business strategies. They have found that data analytics is a valuable component of marketing campaigns, financial planning objectives, human resource guidelines and much more.

We have talked extensively about the types of industries that have been positively impacted by data analytics. Insurance, investing, logistics and digital marketing are among some of the professions most affected by big data. However, other professions, such as musicians, are also relying more data analytics technology than ever.

Data Analytics is Helping Many Spotify Musicians Improve Their Reach

Data analytics is playing a very important role in marketing for every industry. Spotify musicians weren’t the first to take advantage of analytics as a marketing outreach tool, but they have since discovered the benefits. Spotify itself has even taken advantage of big data with tools like Google Optimize 360. This analytics driven solution by Google actually helped Spotify increase premium subscriptions by 23%.

The benefits of data analytics are most obvious to people using Spotify Premium. You will need to learn a little bit more about the two Spotify subscriptions in order to understand it.

There are two types of Spotify listeners – premium users, and the ones who don’t want to pay. And if you are a Spotify musician, you are probably wondering if is there any difference at all for you. Well, it may not seem obvious, but there is. If you have been considering promoting your music, you should definitely look into Spotify premium promotion. So, let’s dive into it.

So, free users make up the majority of Spotify audience, and the reason for that is simple and obvious – it is free to use this service. But those users are going to have to face some inconveniences, like inability to skip a track. The list of such small things can go on and on, and can really make life difficult, but people are stubborn.

As I said, there are also users who pay for Spotify, for a subscription. The price is small, and all the inconveniences disappear with it. And these premium users take a smaller portion of all Spotify users. So, what do you think, which plays are more valuable?

I know that you want to say “both”, but it won’t be truth. Activity from premium users is the most valuable, so if you really want to kick things off, you have to aim at premium listeners. Not every promotion service can do that, neither can an average musician promote his tracks solemnly among premium users.

Maybe you are not a fan of music promotion, but it has become the only way to succeed on Spotify right now. Musicians from all over the world join Spotify every day, and the overall audience is now exceeding 350 million people. And it becomes harder and harder to stand out among all of those musicians that are a part of those millions. You need something bold, something loud, but at the same time very precise. So, what can be better than some targeted promotion? Fortunately, data analytics has made this possible.

You can use some very effective advertising platforms to reach new customers through AI targeting. You will be able to identify the demographics of your listeners and make sure that they are the ones that hear your songs.

Facebook Ads have some very nuanced targeting capabilities that involve AI. These AI and data-driven advertising options can allow you to reach people that are subscribed to similar musical pages on Facebook and match the demographics of your target audience. You can also use remarketing on Facebook, which is made possible with sophisticated AI algorithms.

Yes, promotion may seem not fair to other musicians, but if you had ever known the number of musicians that are doing that, and especially the percentage of already popular creators, you would never think about it in that way. The majority of stars are promoting their music, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t equalize yourself with them in your abilities. You have to have equal ability to popularize your music, and if you don’t have that, what’s the point?

In addition to taking advantage of AI and data-driven advertising, you will want to look at analytics reports to see how your subscriber base changes over time. You can use this data to figure out what marketing tactics are paying off the most.

One last word about premium users. They are so important because they have choice, they can choose what to listen to and when to stop. So their activity is the only real representation of an audience. And the algorithm knows that. Maybe you can’t check the number of interactions with premium users in your statistics page, but these numbers do exist. And if you really want the algorithm to see you, you have to increase your “premium” numbers.

Big Data is Crucial for Spotify Musicians

Spotify musicians are relying more heavily on big data to promote their music than ever. You will want to make sure that you understand the benefits of using it in order to grow your subscriber base.

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