What is the Best AI-Driven App for Video Conferencing?

Artificial intelligence is helping facilitate many aspects of business. Many companies have been forced to lean more heavily on AI technology than ever during the pandemic, because they had to find new ways to encourage social distancing.

Even as the pandemic starts to wind down, many companies are still relying more heavily on AI technology to adapt to a new age that is dependent on digital strategies. In fact, we talked about the benefits of this software a few years before the pandemic and it has clearly become even more popular since.

One of the most promising applications of AI technology is the utilization of new video conferencing technology. But what app is the best for these purposes?

Leveraging AI Video Conferencing Apps to Improve Communication

It’s no doubt that all video conferencing apps have more or less similar functions with a little difference. While most of them are relying on AI to provide the features that they need. Some programs are suitable for one-on-one conversations; some are perfect for chats in small groups; while others are capable of handling large webinars and masterclasses involving hundreds of people. 

Back in January, Adilin Beatrice wrote an article about the use of artificial intelligence in video conferencing apps. There is no denying the fact that AI has been invaluable.

But is there an ideal app that can arrange various kinds of virtual events regardless of the number of participants? Luckily, yes. Meet CallOut – the service that boasts all the features a modern video calls software is required to have by using sophisticated AI technology.

Their team of experienced developers selected the most useful AI tools for arranging video conferences, upgraded them, and created something unique. Let’s examine the best features CallOut offers its customers:

1. Outstanding connection quality

When you want to hold a video call, its quality is highly important. Their team has already taken care of that by using AI to improve the development process.

CallOut offers Full-HD video and audio for each user. Forget about times, when the connection was lost or you see just a pixelated version of a person on the other side of the screen. 

Additionally, we put the sound under full control:

  • Speech separation by audio splitting
  • Muted background noise

It really is a great example of the benefits of AI-driven video conferencing software.

2. Unique AI and ML-based software

Let a bit of artificial intelligence into your everyday life:

  • Gesture recognition

Make use of your body language turning gestures into emojis, changing presentation slides with a single handwave!

  • Beautification tools

Videoconferencing with AI takes virtual meetings to a whole new level. It allows fixing camera drawbacks, reaching the ideal balance between the natural look and retouching, and letting you keep rocking a work-from-home aesthetic.

  • Virtual 3D backgrounds

Breathe life into plain white walls, designing your own stylish virtual space. Say no to meeting rescheduling because your home is a mess. In a couple of taps, you can replace any background with a preferred one!

  • Cloud recording

Save missed business meetings, conferences, and webinars to the cloud storage for future playback. The smart technology assesses the displayed emotions and prepares short footage of every call. Don’t have time to watch it? Just read the transcript of the most relevant information.

3. 100% secured chats

One of the biggest advantages of using a video conferencing tool that is developed with AI is that it has much more robust security. There are no more leakages of personal data! The service uses the latest web protection to ensure the total encryption of everything said and shared at any online gathering. No one will ever get access to your personal data, even the CallOut team. 

Moreover, we offer some extra security tools, such as:

  • Private in-meeting chat
  • Custom personal meeting ID
  • Host controls (lock meeting, mute all, and participant control)

4. User-friendly interface

Their service is developed based on customers’ needs. 89% of the clients say an ideal application for online video conferencing should be quick and easy to use. AI has been very helpful in improving usability.

That’s why it takes a minute to start a conversation in CallOut.

Forget about the long registration process, just open the link a meeting host shared with you and you’re in a virtual room keeping in touch with your colleagues, family, and friends.

5. Compatible with all modern devices

Use their service on any of your devices – PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

You can install the application from the market, or just open your favorite browser, go to the official website and start chatting with anyone you want, any time it’s required.

Make the right choice!

Whether you’re a part of a large corporation with hundreds of employees, a small startup with a huge desire to succeed, or just an individual looking for an online video calls service, be sure – CallOut is built to satisfy your needs.

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